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The institute follows a student-lead faculty-guided system of pedagogy, where students are always encouraged to initiate and implement. This gives room for large scale improvement of managerial psyche in students, which would benefit them in their future work life.  The activities are planned, budgeted, fund fetched and coordinated by student effort. The expenses are met by a pay as you go system wherein the total course expenses are minimized. Various activities include


Seminars, talks from experts from academia as well as industry give students glimpses into the real world scenarios and tacit knowledge.


            This includes knowledge sharing by junior researchers, students on topics of contemporary relevance.


            Work shops are conducted by trained management professionals who by simulation exercise, give training to students.

To emulate real life models and roles and to understand perspectives, case studies are enacted as role-play sessions.

            The most important convincing tool for managers, presentations give students opportunity to argument and defend ideas.
Management meet



MANIA, an acronym for “Managers in Action” is a professionally managed Annual All India Management Meet organized by the students of IMK under HOPE banner.  MANIA stands out as a perfect specimen of an event where the basic management functions of planning, organizing, controlling, coordinating and directing are in perfect accord. Various concepts and tools derived from classroom sessions are sought and applied by the students in this real-life event.

MANIA is a blockbuster from the marketing as well as financial perspective.  The event spells out the story of how a highly motivated set of budding professionals driven by the desire to scale new heights of success compliment each other to market it as a profitable venture.  The event stands out as a milestone in terms of amassing first hand experience in event management and handling resources, be it human or financial. The success of MANIA empowers students with a powerful, fresh dose of motivation for the pursuit of success in their future endeavors.

Induction programs
            An induction program conducted by leading corporate trainers gives sufficient introduction and mental preparation for the students to undertake the programme.

Industrial visits
            Industrial visits enable students to acquaint themselves with real world processes and practices in management.


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