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The Campus
The institute is housed in the most elite and state of the art student campus of University of Kerala, the Karyavattom Campus. Spread across many acres, the Campus boasts of a fully fledged library, which is subscribed to high profile current affairs literature and an attached computer lab with high speed internet facility. The campus also possesses a Football court, a badminton court, and a Volleyball court. The well maintained green Campus contains 37 different teaching departments linked by well maintained asphalt roads which make possible the collaboration of ideas and activities of various disciplines. Monthly debates and seminars on various topics affecting society, at auditoriums of various departments ensure the right contribution of the University to the external world in terms of intellectual content.

The School of Business management and Legal studies
            The school is the first implementation of school system by the University of Kerala. The exchange between 3 inter related disciplines, Management, Commerce and Law makes it possible an awesome system of pedagogy, where students get interesting interactions with Professors of the sub-fields. The mixture of students of various disciplines also contributes to a healthy learning environment. The School processes a large convertible conference hall, with audio visual facilities.

The institute
            The institute possesses well ventilated and crafted classrooms as suited for technological needs of budding managers. Laptop recharge ports with the wi-fi hub will ensure young managers continuous connection with the web of knowledge. The most modern computer lab facility will provide access to various e-journals around the globe which will add ammunition to the managerial acumen of students and scholars alike.

The Institute Library
             The state of the art library consists of more than 12000 books on management related topics. Subscribed to more than 20 high profile magazines, journals in addition to all the business newspapers, the library possess one of the most elaborate collections of older issues in this regard. Regularly stock updated with the most crucial publications, the library also houses a collection of research works ranging from MBA organizational study reports to PhD theses.

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