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The MBA (General) & MBA Tourism degree programmes of the University of Kerala offered at Institute of Management in Kerala and its extension centers is designed to orient talented young people in business management as well as tourism management and to encourage the development of their entrepreneurial capabilities in the light of highly technological and competitive business environment. An in depth knowledge of the basics of business management will help them to take up important assignments in business and also to undertake entrepreneurial projects.
These subjects are common for the first and second semesters of MBA (General) as well as MBA (Tourism) programme.

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Major Papers

Semester I

1. Principles of Management and Organizational Behavior
2. Managerial Economics
3. Accounting for Managers
4. Quantitative Techniques
5. Operations Management
6. Business Environment and Corporate Ethics
7. Environmental Management

Semester II

8. Laws for Business
9. Research Methods for Management
10. Human Resources Management
11. Marketing Management
12. Financial Management
13. Communication skills
14. Business planning and Entrepreneurship
15. Operations Research

3rd and 4th Semesters

MBA( General) and MBA(tourism) follows distinct patterns from third Semester onwards.


From third Semester MBA(General) onwards students are required to take specializations. The institute allows to study any two specializations from Marketing, HR, Finance, International Business, Systems, Retailing and Operations. The specializations come into effect through electives. The student gets to study in total 8 Subjects as electives in the course of third and fourth semesters. They can be taken as Dual (Specialization I and Specialization II with 4 electives each) or Major-Minor (Major specialization-5 Electives, Minor Specialization- 3 electives). Students have to intimate the authorities, subjects they prefer to study in the start of third semester. A minimum of 10 students are required for a particular subject to be approved as an elective.
Organizational Study and Project work which are of a duration of 30 days and 45 days respectively gives the student an opportunity to acquaint with the real life business environment and help observe, analyze and learn from mistakes.
Semester 3

16. Organizational study
17. Management Information system
For Dual Specialization
18. Elective 1 from Specialization I
19. Elective 2 from Specialization I
20. Elective 1 from Specialization II
For Major-Minor Specialization
18. Elective 1 from Major Specialization
19. Elective 2 from Major Specialization
20. Elective 1 from Minor Specialization

Semester 4

21. Strategic Management
22. Project Work
23. Comprehensive Viva Voce

For Dual Specialization

24. Elective 3 from Specialization I
25. Elective 4 from Specialization I
26. Elective 2 from Specialization II
27. Elective 3 from Specialization II
28. Elective 4 from Specialization II

For Major Minor Specialization

24. Elective 3 from Major Specialization
25. Elective 4 from Major Specialization
26. Elective 5 from Major Specialization
27. Elective 2 from Minor Specialization
28. Elective 3 from Minor Specialization

List of Electives available under each specialization


a) Advertising and Sales promotion
b) Sales Management
c) Consumer behavior
d) PR and customer relationship management
e) Product management
f) International marketing
g) Services marketing
h) Marketing research
i) Retail marketing
j) Logistics management
k) Brand management
l) Entrepreneurial management
m) Strategic marketing management
n) Industrial marketing


a) Project Financing
b) Management of financial services
c) Corporate restructuring
d) International finances
e) Investment banking
f) Financial derivatives
g) Personal financial planning
h) Commodities markets
i) Management control systems
j) Working capital management
k) Management of financial institutions
l) Treasury management
m) Insurance management
n) Financial statements analysis and financial planning
Human Resources
a) Human resource development
b) Organization development and change
c) Career management
d) Group dynamics and team building
e) Human resource counselling
f) Industrial relations and labor laws
g) Global HRM
h) Performance Management
i) Personality and Managerial performance
j) Conflict resolutions and negotiations
k) Event management


a) System analysis and design
b) Software engineering
c) Object oriented programming
d) Software project management
e) Internet programming and web design
f) Business intelligence and data warehousing


a) Supply chain management
b) Total quality management
c) Purchasing and materials management
d) World class manufacturing
e) Technological excellence
f) Technology management


a) Introduction to retailing
b) Retail supply chain management
c) Retail store management
d) Retail store management
e) Retail brand management
f) Customer relationship management in retailing
g) Mall management

International business

a) International marketing (to be studied along with Marketing specialization)
b) International finance (to be studied along with finance specialization)
c) Global HRM (to be studied along with HR specialization)
d) International business environment
e) Global cultural management
f) International economics


Semester 3

16. Organizational study
17. Management information systems
18. Tourism, principles and e-tourism
19. Tourism products of India
20. Hospitality and customer relationship management
21. Global tourism geography

Semester 4

22. Strategic management
23. Destination planning and management
24. International business and tourism law
25. Eco tourism
26. Project work
27. Comprehensive viva voce

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